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"Attosecond light sources in the water window"
X. Ren, J. Li, Y. Yin, K. Zhao, A. Chew, Y. Wang, S. Hu, Y. Cheng, E. Cunningham, Y. Wu, M. Chini and Z. Chang
Journal of Optics 20, 023001
"Attosecond transient absorption spectrum of argon at the L2,3 edge"
Andrew Chew, Nicolas Douguet, Coleman Cariker, Jie Li, Eva Lindroth, Xiaoming Ren, Yanchun Yin, Luca Argenti, Wendell T. Hill, III, and Zenghu Chang
Physical Review, A 97, 031407(R)
"Enhanced high-order harmonic generation driven by a wave-front corrected high-energy laser"
Yang Wang, Tianyi Guo, Jialin Li, Jian Zhao, Yanchun Yin, Xiaoming Ren, Jie Li, Yi Wu, Matthew Weidman, Zenghu Chang, Marieke Jager, Christopher Kaplan, Romain Géneaux, Christian Ott, Daniel M Neumark, Stephen R Leone
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 51, 134005 (2018).
"Generation of high-energy narrowband 2.05 µm pulses for seeding a Ho:YLF laser"
Y. Yin, Xiaoming Ren, Y. Wang, F. Zhuang, J. Li, and Z. Chang
Photonics Research, 6(1), pp. 1-5
"Generation of octave-spanning mid-infrared pulses from cascaded second-order nonlinear processes in a single crystal "
Y. Yin, X. Ren, A. Chew, J. Li, Y. Wang, F. Zhuang, Y. Wu, and Z. Chang
Scientific Reports, 7, 11097
"High-harmonic generation in amorphous solids"
Y.S. You, Y. Yin, Yi Wu, A. Chew, X. Ren, F. Zhuang, S. Gholam-Mirzaei, M. Chini, Z. Chang and S. Ghimire
Nature Communications, 8, 724
"53-attosecond X-ray pulses reach the carbon K-edge"
J. Li, X. Ren, Y. Yin, K. Zhao, A. Chew, Y. Cheng, E. Cunningham, Y. Wang, S. Hu, Y. Wu, M. Chini and Z. Chang
Nature Communications, 8
"Laser waveform control of extreme ultraviolet high harmonics from solids"
Y.S. You, M. Wu, Y.C. Yin, A. Chew, X.M. Ren, S. Gholam Mirzaei, D.A. Browne, M. Chini, Z. Chang, K.J. Schafer, M.B. Gaarde, and S. Ghimire
Optics Letters, 42(9), pp. 1816-1819
"Towards terawatt sub-cycle long-wave infrared pulses via chirped optical parametric amplification and indirect pulse shaping"
Y. Yin, A. Chew, X. Ren, J. Li, Y. Wang, Y. Wu and Z. Chang
Scientific Reports 8, 45794
"Attosecond pulse generation isolated with an asymmetric polarization gating "
G. Chen, E. Cunningham, and Z. Chang
Journal of Modern Optics, 64(10-11), pp. 952-959
"High-energy two-cycle pulses at 3.2 µm by a broadband-pumped dual-chirped optical parametric amplification"
Yanchun Yin, Jie Li, Xiaoming Ren, Yang Wang, Andrew Chew, and Zenghu Chang
Optics Express 24(22), pp.24989-24998
"Reconstruction of an excited-state molecular wave packet with attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy"
Y. Cheng, M. Chini, X.W. Wang, A. Gonzalez-Castrillo, A. Palacios, L. Argenti, F. Martin, and Z. Chang
Physical Review A, 94(2), 023403
"Attosecond optics and technology: progress to date and future prospects"
Zenghu Chang, Paul B. Corkum, and Stephen R. Leone
Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 33(6), pp.1081-1097
"Polarization gating of high harmonic generation in the water window"
Jie Li, Xiaoming Ren, Yanchun Yin, Yan Cheng, Eric Cunningham, Yi Wu, and Zenghu Chang
Applied Physics Letters 108(23), 231102
"Attosecond pulses measured from the attosecond lighthouse"
T.J. Hammond, Graham G. Brown, K.T. Kim, D.M. Villeneuve, and P.B. Corkum
Nature Photonics, 10, pp.171
"High-efficiency optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier in BiB3O6 for generation of 3 mJ, two-cycle, carrier-envelope-phase-stable pulses at 1.7 µm"
Y.C. Yin, J. Li, X.M. Ren, K. Zhao, Y. Wu, E. Cunningham, and Z. Chang
Optics Letters 41(6), pp.1142-1145
"Design and fabrication of a composite transmission pulse compression grating "
LI Chao-ming, CHEN Xin-rong, LI Lin, YU Jian, WU Jian-hong, CHANG Zeng-hu,
Optics and Precision Engineering 24 (12), 2983-2987 (2016)
"Carrier-envelope phase control of a 10 Hz, 25 TW laser for high-flux extreme ultraviolet quasi-continuum generation"
E. Cunningham, Y. Wu, Z. Chang
Applied Physics Letters 107, (20), pp.1108
"Interband Block oscillation mechanism for high-harmonic generation in semiconductor crystals"
C.R. McDonald, G. Vampa, P.B. Corkum, and T. Brabec,
Physical Review A 92, 033845
"Optical gating with asymmetric field ratios for isolated attosecond pulse generation"
E. Cunningham, Z. Chang
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 21, 8700806
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